Weight: 250 grams, South America

Indulgent smooth, rich creamy, subtle, sweet flavours of fine milk chocolate and macadamias blended and infused with our freshly roasted coffee beans.

Weight: 250 grams, South America

We use the finext Colombian beans for Decaf. The caffine is removed using only water and carbon dioxide, with no need for nastry chemicals, high...

Irish Cream
Weight: 250 grams, South America

This blend combines a delicious Irish cream flavour with a unique blend of South American beans.

Weight: 250 grams, South America

Classic Italian coffee blend, medium roasted with 5 different varientals. Metro is complex, full bodied, with a rich flabour & texture profile. One of...

Weight: 250 grams, New Guinea, Organic

Aust Government Certified Organic PNG A grade, medium roasted to produce a well balanced, smooth, rich all-rounder.

Weight: 250 grams, South America

A true dark roast in the style typical to Southern italy as well as France, Italian combines three different varietals to add complexity to the dark roast...

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