Guar Gum
Weight: 100 grams, India

Ingredients: Guar Gum

Xanthan Gum
Weight: 100 grams, China

Ingredients: Xanthan Gum

Carob Powder
Weight: 250 grams, Italy, Organic

Ingredients: Carob Powder

Slippery Elm
Weight: 200 grams, USA

Ingredients: Slippery Elm Bark

Brewers Yeast
Weight: 250 grams, Estonia

Ingredients: Inactive Yeast

Weight: 1000 grams, Australia

Ingredients: Fresh Whey, Lecithin

Weight: 100 grams, Made in Australia from imported and local ingredients

Ingredients: Cream of Tartar, Bicarb Soda, Tapioca

Gelatine Powder
Weight: 250 grams, Australia

Ingredients: Gelatine (From Beef Skin), Preserative (220)